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My Mittens, Jared, Jensen, VanCon 2014 :) :) :)

Hello friends,

In celebration of the first serious snowfall in my region, I wanted to share a fun photo taken at Creation’s Supernatural VanCon in August 2014.

It was a dream trip in every single way and I’ll have lots more to share about it in the next while.

I adore my mittens.  They’re the best mittens in the world.  They are made from reclaimed wool and upcycled into one of a kind mittens.  I received them last year as a Christmas gift after dropping many, many hints.

They are made by Ewe La La

I took them with me to Vancouver with the duo photo-op in mind.

It was so much fun.  Jared and Jensen are the best.  The photo below is the result.

There was time during the photo op to talk (due to a lighting re-set) and they asked who made them and about them.  Both Jared and Jensen really liked them. *glee*

It was such a warm few moments, filled with joy.  When you first slide your hands into them, the felt/fleece is so soft.  Jensen got his on and Jared looks at both of us and says as he’s trying to get his on, “I don’t know if I can get my hand into it.”  It was priceless, as was Jensen’s reaction.

So much love, all tied up in multi-coloured ribbons of sweetness realized.

I hope all my friends are keeping well.  Stay amazing.


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