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A Really Good Day! :) :) :)

Hello friends *waves*

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the days.

I had to go downtown today for a Dentist’s appointment.

Traffic all over the place was terrible, resulting in delays and workarounds, which I firmly believe worked in my favour for what happened to me on this glorious day.

I stopped in at Starbucks first and they were giving out free samples.  Yeah!  Two items I had wanted to try were being offered as part of the samplings. :)

Later, I went to the Market and was able to get the tri-gelato I wanted to blend (cinnamon, pistachio and whiskey cream). :)

Then, the California figs I wait for every year to be shipped in made an early appearance today. :)

I packed all my goodies in my bag from Texas and headed for home.

Timing and direction can be everything.

I could have gone one way, but went the other, which resulted in me getting to say hello to one of my favourite actors – Al Pacino.  OMG, my heart knocked so hard against my chest when I realized what was happening and it all went by in a blur, but man alive, what a blur.  It was awesome…awesome and well, awesome!  And the voice *glee*D D D

Lots of hugs,
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