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Supernatural PCA 2012 Snub? Procter and Gamble's Response

Well, I wrote an e-mail yesterday to the main sponsor of the People’s Choice Awards, Procter and Gamble, expressing my concern that Supernatural, despite winning two awards, was not invited to the Awards Ceremony.

To their credit, they did respond, as follows, and I quote:

“From:  “"P&G North America" <> (

Date:  Friday, January 13, 2012 9:34 AM  

Thanks for writing, Sandra.

We’re sorry you’re upset the cast of Supernatural wasn’t featured on The People’s Choice Awards.  The show is comprised of 43 categories and we made every effort to showcase a variety of categories on the network broadcast.  Unfortunately, only 14-15 of those categories can fit into a two hour television show. 

Peoples choice award nominees who express interest in attending are always welcome at the show.

Stop back anytime.

PCA Team”

So, regarding the second last sentence, does anyone have any thoughts?

Take care.


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